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EMS IT Promised Response Times

We will always endeavor to complete your request in the amount of time listed below. Often we are able to complete the request more quickly than the promised response time. Unfortunately, sometimes requests may also take longer than the response time quoted due to factors outside out control (e.g. staff on vacation, high workload, or delays outside of EMS). We always attempt to complete tasks as quickly as possible, but the times listed below provide a guideline for how long your request will take as well as a goal for our staff.

  • Reimaging supported hardware (e.g. virus/malware removal) – 2 days
  • Reimaging systems which do not comply with admin account restrictions (e.g. virus/malware removal) – 2 weeks Note that compliant admin account restrictions will be put in place during reimaging process.
  • Reimaging unsupported hardware – 4 weeks
  • Software installation of EMS-supported software on a single computer in offices, research spaces, and classrooms – 1 day
  • Purchasing or quote creation – 1 week (Note: May take longer if looking for data on many possible options. Additional delays due to outside vendors may apply.)
  • Software installation in labs, existing software – by the start of classes in the next semester
  • Software installation in labs, new software – 9 months (worst case estimate - includes time spent acquiring software, setting up license server, and reimaging labs)
  • Reimaging a large (10+ computers) lab – 1 week (during which lab is out of service)
  • Setup of new (standalone) computer (up to 4 computers) – 2 weeks
  • Setup of new group of computers (5+ computers) – 2*(N/5) weeks (where N is the number of computers)
  • Quote request for new computer (standard configuration) – 3 days
  • Quote request for new computer (nonstandard / user-specified configuration) – 7 days per configuration
  • Quote request for group of computers – 12 days
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